Some of Our Services

Personal Testing

Cheating and Infidelity - Do you have questions regarding trust in your relationship or do you think you have a cheating spouse?  Do you want to prove to your spouse or significant other that you are being faithful?  We can conduct exams to find out the truth whether or not your significant other is being faithful or to help you prove your innocence. **SPECIAL PRICING FOR RELATIONSHIP EXAMS**

Personal Theft - If you have items missing and believe you know the person responsible, or want to find out who is responsible, we can help you find out.

Family Issues - Have you been falsely accused of something?  Do you think your children are hiding something behind your back?  Do you believe someone is abusing your child whether it be a family member, babysitter, or someone else?  We can help you find out the truth or prove your innocence.

Private Issues - Do you want to prove to a family member or someone else that something happened to you?  Do you want to prove to a loved one that you did not do what you were accused of?  We can help you prove that.

Business, Corporations and Attorneys

Whether you are a part of a large corporation that may have security violations or a small business that may be experiencing internal theft causing lost revenue, we can help you find out the truth regarding who is responsible.

We also assist attorneys by conducting exams on their clients. Some exams are conducted to find out the truth on a matter to assist the attorney in deciding whether or not to represent a client, clients involved in divorce, or other civil issues.  

Pre-employment Screening

Liability risks are a huge concern for a company.  Job applications, resumes, and interviews don't always reveal a full employment history or background of a potential employee.  Our exams will help you find out who you are hiring and if they can be trusted.  Companies that can require a polygraph exam are:

  • government agenices
  • law enforcement agenices
  • financial instatutions
  • private security
  • medical
  • any company with any type of goverment contract

All pre-empolyment test are conducted under the guidelines of the Empolyee Polygraph Protection Act.

Appointments and Policy

Deposits are requred prior to scheduling a date and time for testing.  The deposit will secure your time slot for the test.  Any deposit made for testing that have already been scheduled are non-refundable.  The time slot scheduled could have been used for another client.  All deposits will be deducted from the total cost of the test.

NOLA polygraph will travel to your location to conduct testing; however there will be an additional travel charge.