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NOLA Polygraph is the only polygraph company owned and operated in the New Orleans metropolitan area. We are a company dedicated to professionally administering polygraph examinations to a wide range of individuals with respect and dignity regardless of the allegation.  We're here to assist our clients in finding the truth on any issue, whether it be regarding infidelity, relationship issues, a corporation or small business needing answers regarding theft, pre-employment testing or a private indivdiual needing an exam regarding a personal matter.  All exams are conducted in strict accord with the standards set forth by the American Polygraph Association.  All exams and the results are strictly confidential.  A written report is available at the clients request.

NOLA Polygraph offers examinations either at our location or on site.  We conduct Polygraph test in New Orleans, Polygraph test in Baton Rouge, Polygraph test in Lafayette and the surrounding areas.

Whether you're a large corporation needing answers, a small business, a private individual needing the truth on a personal matter, or someone wanting to prove their innocence, NOLA Polygraph is here to help.

Our Services

NOLA Polygraph offers polygraph (also referred to as a lie detector) testing on many issues including but not limted to:    

  • Cheating and Infidelity
  • Family Issues
  • Personal or Business Theft
  • Civil Issues
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Fishing Tournaments
  • and many more

Our Examiners

Our examiners are graduates of reputable polygraph schools that are accredited by the American Polygraph Association. Our examiners are members of the American Polygraph Association as well as the Louisiana Polygraph Association. Each year our examiners attend the annual American Polygraph Association conference where they get continuing education on the newest trends and research in polygraph. This keeps our examiners up to date with the most current studies and research on polygraph. 

All of our examiners are licensed through the Louisiana Polygraph Board.

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